Heart disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide — accounting for one-third of deaths in 2019. This makes heart disease a significant problem for all of us, and one that we should wish to reduce and detect early for better treatment. China had the highest number of heart disease related deaths in 2019, followed by India, Russia, the United States and Indonesia.

Oftentimes, heart disease is missed and goes undiagnosed in certain patients who are perhaps not displaying the traditional signs of heart disease, such as high cholesterol or advanced age.

By using the machine learning models below, we can improve the odds of detecting heart diseases early on by using current patient biometric data in our predictive model to predict the presence of heart disease.

Link to Jupyter notebook; https://github.com/cdtalley/Data-Science-Portfolio/blob/main/Supervised_Learning_Heart_Disease_Prediction_using_Patient_Biometric_Data.ipynb

Statistics source; https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2020-12-09/heart-disease-is-worlds-no-1-killer

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